Do you accept all types of dental insurance?

Our office accepts most of the major insurance companies as well as Delta Dental. Policies differ greatly and your employers change insurance carriers all the time. Our administrative staff is very knowledgeable and you should contact them directly if you wish to know if your policy is accepted by the office. We do not however accept, HMO or PPO group policies.

You may contact the administrative staff at 781-289-3600 if you wish to check what type of coverage you have.

Dental Insurance Facts You Should Know

Dental insurance is one of the most beneficial and most misunderstood factors in dental treatment today.

Dental insurance is a contract between the employer and the patient. It has no connection at all to the provider of dental treatment. The amount of coverage is dictated by the amount of coverage that your employer purchased for their employees and negotiated with the insurer as to the maximum they will pay for certain procedures. The extent of coverage can vary greatly from employer to employer, and sometimes even within the same company. It has absolutely nothing to do with the level of service provided by the dentist and the fee charged for these services.

Dental insurance helps in defraying some of the cost, but should not be considered as a pay-all. If dental insurance covered all procedures, the premiums would be so high that your employer would not be in the position to offer you this benefit.

What is built into dental insurance is a mechanism that allows a dental office (if they are computerized) to estimate for the patient what the insurance carrier will pay. The dental office has access to a dental insurance database that allows the office to estimate the patient’s portion. However, not all insurance companies update the databases on a regular basis. Therefore, we can only estimate what your insurance company will pay, and there can be discrepancies. These differences are only known once the claim is processed. We try our best, but the patient needs to understand that we cannot guarantee the amount your insurance company will pay or if they will pay the claim.

Our office will make every effort to assist you with your particular insurance coverage. As a courtesy to our patients, we will prepare and submit your claim to your insurance carrier. We will also provide an estimate that will show the expected insurance reimbursement and the patient’s share for every procedure. The patient’s portion is due at time of treatment.